Friends of Monument Valley Park
Summer is the busiest time for the park, with dozens of organized events and thousands of individual park visitors.  FMVP's main event during the summer is Musical Mondays in the Park.

Musical Mondays July 2013

Three fabulous, fun bands were scheduled to play in the West Lawn Below the Fine Arts Center in July 2013

July 8th:  J. Miller Band
July 15th:  Acme Bluegrass (Rained Out)
July 22nd:  Durango Drifters

Thanks to our 2013 sponsors:  Coaltrain Wine & Spirits, Olson Plumbing & Heating, Co, Patty Jewett Bar & Grill,
Bob McGrath Construction, Jack Quinn's Irish Pub & Restaurant, Central Bancorp, Old North End Neighborhood, Beckony Kitchen & Baths, Good Earth Garden Center, Bestway Disposal, Team One, and Colorado College.

Musical Mondays July 2012

July 9th:    Sister Brothers  (Rained Out)
July 16th:  The Mitguards
July 23rd:  Durango Drifters

Musical Mondays July 2011

July 11: B.U.S.: Joe Uveges, Braithwaite, Sokol
July 18: J. Miller Band
July 25: The Mitguards

Unfortunately the July 25th was rained out--the first rainout ever!

We all "caught" the BUS on July 11 with Joe and his friends. 

And the J. Miller Band had everyone tapping their toes on July 18

 Wheel to Reel - August 17, 2013

Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, in partnership with the Fountain Creek Watershed Greenway Fund, sponsored the first annual Wheel to Reel bike ride on August 17, 2013.  The riders rode through Monument Valley Park on their way to a 3, 6 or 12 mile ride, and then  finished off the night under the stars with a film in the courtyard of the Fine Arts Center.  

The Friends of Monument Valley Park hosted a water station at the 1 1/2 mile point, which featured the Pine Cone Drop Contest for the riders to compete in during their visit at our station.

Musical Mondays July 2010

In 2010 we were able to hold only two concerts, but what we lacked in number we more than made up for in quality. July 12 we had Phil Volan and Joleen Bell.  The weather was perfect!  Here's a clip of Phil and Joleen performing one of their favorites.

On July 19 FMVP celebrated its tenth anniversary.  We served cake to everyone who attended, and Joe Uveges and Friends made it a very special night.  You can witness the festive mood everyone was in with the following clip.

We're including some photos of the crowd--babies, dogs, moms, dads, grandparents--everyone thoroughly enjoyed the concerts.


Musical Mondays July 2009
We had both returning and first-time musicians.  The crowds came and enjoyed the beautiful evening and the setting on the expansive lawn to the west of the Fine Arts Center.

Here is a short clip of the Monument Hills Brass Quintet playing Shenanndoah

Musical Mondays July 2008

We really didn't know what sort of turnout we would have last year, so we were pleasantly surprised when Musical Mondays attracted over 200 people to each of the four concerts.  Parents, kids and pets all enjoyed the beautiful location and the great music!

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